Fancy a fresh bike?

Available for sale on Ebay...this lovely modern NC750X. At  just £750 what a bargain! One small catch it has 233,741 miles on the clock (that is 376,170km). Speaks volumes for Honda's reliability, even on their contemporary bikes. 

Ebay link if you fancy it......

Zero Motorcycles - Experience Electric Tour 2023

Newlands Corner hosted Zero motorcycles on Sunday 17th and gave anybody who wished to, a test ride on one of their all electric bikes.

Andy Gale of Redhill took  full advantage as he was intrigued to see what he thought of them. Andy tells us, "Anyone who knows me well, will know I like my bikes loud, so I wasn't expecting to like  E motorbikes, but given the opportunity to try one out I jumped at it . It was a totally different experience, silky smooth and effortlessly responsive. They have two modes, eco with a  range of  100 miles and a sport mode with a range of 50 miles. Sport mode is a real grin, but until they can get better range it would only work as a commuter bike. And at 15k that's a lot for a commuter. If you ever get the chance to try one I really recommend it,  even us old petrol heads will get off it smiling". 

HOC National Rally in Pics

it's time to celebrate those that share a passion for biking.

Our first biking couple are amazing.  Please may I introduce

 July and Gerard Hilbers.

Coming Up in October

1st Pioneer Run   

please register interest on HOWL Social media or register at

8th Oct Newhaven Fort   

28th & 29th National Motor Museum Live

Full list at: events schedule



MCN Honour Mark Wilsmore 

Huge congratulations to Mark and all the team at The Ace'. His Lifetime Achievement Award is really well deserved.

To read the article from 23rd August Click here

Link to The Ace Cafe

Graham Buckton of Broadbridge Heath in Sussex takes us on a loop to the wonderful town of Winchelsea.  Possibly the smallest town in Britain...but it is packed with interest.

You'll find details of this route and lots of others in our My Favourite Rides feature. If you have a ride to share email us at

37th International West Kent Run

Formed in 1982 we are the West London branch of the Honda Owners Club. AKA Honda Owners West London (HOWL)