HOWL unscramble an Enigma

80 years ago, Alan Turing was part of a team tasked with breaking the codes and ciphers of the German Enigma machine. 

click here to learn of their exploits

East Mids HOC Tour of Scotland

I have written a summary of our wonderful 5 days. I'll keep adding photos - I would like to see a photo of everyone on there before it is finished. Please send me your photo to

Please send me any corrections/additions to names etc etc.   CLICK HERE TO READ

Hayling Island - Fish 'n' Chips and a WW2 Heritage Trail

click here to read about the heroic, clandestine exploits of local volunteers code named COPP - Combined Operations Pilotage Parties. 

Why not ride to a  National Trust heritage site?

If you are planning a 2024 biking tour, why not build in a visit to one of over 200 heritage sites across England and Wales. As well as visiting an historic setting, their cafes (and loos!) are top notch too. Our map includes links direct to the NT page confirming opening times, prices etc. Additionally the map also has links to Premier Inn hotels if you fancy that weekend away.

You'll find the map in Fav Rides