HOWL meet Solent in a 7-a-side ride out

at The Iron Bull Roadhouse

HOWL meet Solent in a 7-a-side ride 

On 1st February, seven West London members met up with seven from Solent branch at The Iron Bull Roadhouse near Basingstoke.  

West London are now adding midweek runs to their already busy weekend events lists. With members riding in from all directions. - Mike G (Amersham) and Michael K (Turners Hill - near E Grinstead) it looks like it will be a popular decision. And a great opportunity for members from different branches to meet up - like Pam Irving who helped us at our previous Sammy Miller Classic Show

Downing our mugs of tea whilst waiting for some grub!

On a sharp February morning we had planned a short but rural and bendy route from the Hogs Back Cafe where Jon and Jude met up with Charles, Chris and Michael K for a mug of tea before going on to the Iron Bull.  

There we  met up with Ian and Mike G.

Charles took the 500/4 for an outing. 

We arrived 15 seconds behind our scheduled arrival time - I blame those temporary roadworks traffic lights 😉

As we were sorting our gear in the car park,  Dave Irving lead in the Solent branch.

So now we were 7-a-side!

It was a chance to meet up with Bob West again - still riding at the age of 81!

Au revoir Iron Bull - I'm sure we'll be back later in the year - maybe with Solent or another branch