Breakfast Club

Report by John Flynn

The Goodwood Breakfast Club is a series of ticketed events held at the famous Sussex Motor Circuit. Each day is was billed as Super Car day.

It is an early start to the day as the event opens at 7am and it is all over by 11am.  Gary, Graham and myself met up at Broadbridge Heath, bright and early to tackle the A272 ....I swear this event is unmissable because it ensures that you can ride the 272 when it's clear of slow moving really is biking heaven. At Petworth we swung south and climbed the South Downs at the Duncton hairpins - what an absolute joy. It was a rare treat for me to be on my VFR. We later met Petar who also rode down on his VFR of similar vintage.

Shortly after arriving the four of us met up with Jon and Jude and we had breakfast at one of the numerous stalls serving delicious fayre. It was a great day, enviously gazing at hundreds of amazing cars in an iconic setting. But better still was the great company.

Oh and if you weren't aware ?--- The tickets were all priced at £0 !