Good Friday  - Two Runs on one day!

On Good Friday 7th April 2023 members had a choice of two great runs.   So in the end our members attended ... both!      

1.   Ride of Respect for The Queen - Windsor

Some went to Windsor where hundreds took part in a veteran's run - a Ride of Respect for The Queen. They assembled on the Long Walk before proceeding on to Central London 

Keith Roberts  from Dartford, could not be missed with a flag on the back of his bike! 

Simon Butler with a background in The Senior Service, felt this occasion was something he could not miss, and was joined by Karen, Tony and Zoe. 

Some of the riders went on to Central London

2    Easter Egg Run - Reading 

The Run was superbly organised and marshalled by the Thames Vale Vultures

Meanwhile, six others of us joined The Berkshire Egg run, meeting up with Mark and Tracy from Oxford branch.  

This fun event, now in its seventeenth year, saw over 450 bikes assemble on the outskirts of Reading with local BBC TV news coverage. 

Bikes start to assemble

...and even more bikes wait for the signal to go

We took a scenic route though Pangbourne and back over the Thames to a local Rugby Club where 1825 Easter Eggs had been collected for local Children's Charities. The 15-mile route was lined with well-wishers, waving and smiling. The run was superbly marshalled so that the procession of bikes, which took 17 minutes to pass through, was uninterrupted by other traffic. 

All donations went to local Childrens' organisations.  Well done to all who organised and took part. 

There were plenty of helpers to count and collect the eggs...   All 1825 of them  !!