The National Motorcycle Museum Live Day

Sunday 29th October  

Report by Jon Stone

On Sunday 29th October a group from West London HOC enjoyed a great day at The National Motorcycle Museum Live Day. Over the whole of this weekend, every year the NMM put on a brilliant event with free entry* and complete access to the whole museum. 

*only parking charges for cars apply 

During the chat sessions, Allen Millyard as always, holds everyone's attention and respect while Henry Cole and Guy (Skid) Willison act as stooges. 

 Trade stands, Race Machine Fire-ups and of course the celebs on stage hamming it up, happy to sign autographs and pose for pics. (Our new Gen Sec couldn't resist). 

Allen's V10 Viper certainly turned Petar's head  

There was a great variety of bikes .... including this one which needs a bit of work done on you know what it is?

This Triumph Terrier could provide someone with a restoration project to last the winter ... plus a bit longer.  

Nasty bit of tank in that rust😉

  Plenty of food and easy access and parking with a hugely enthusiastic crowd make it a great day.  

If you haven't been before - try it next year!