Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show

February 2023

Charles loads up the van

The Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show

26 - 27th February 2023

Enthused by the success of our second classic show at The Sammy Miller Museum the previous year the West London Branch and some local branch members became part of the HOC Classic Crew

After many months of planning and preparation the day arrived.

 Charles transported four of the bikes for the stand plus Jon, Jude and a box of photos and general stand paraphernalia to the Royal Bath and Western Show Ground. 

Once there, we discovered that fortunately for us due to a trader cancelling their pitch we had double the amount of space to fill!! 

With military precision, the Classic Crew set about positioning the tables for regalia and membership along with the 6 classic bikes in our now spacious stand. We then set up the newly purchased HOC TV screen 

''just need to do that up a bit tighter...''

Dave Thomas paid special attention to this Classic

Dan excelled in recruiting members and selling regalia - including our new Classic Badge

He sold the first membership before the show was officially open!

We donned our swanky new Polo Shirts - (looks like we're about to start a dance routine!)

It was a manic day and we chatted to so many lovely people who were genuinely interested in the bikes on display and the club in general. 

Regalia was doing a brisk trade and Martin’s little CB125S was photographed for an article in a classic bike magazine.

 Dave Thomas brought his little yellow NCZ 50 Motocompo (especially designed to fit neatly into the boot of a Honda City car) 

Steve's SS50 drew a lot of interest as did Charles’ C50 and OTO the CB400/4 

On Sunday Chloe and Sarah joined us

The choice of smaller bikes was validated by the massive enthusiasm from visitors

All in all—it was a really fun show with a fantastic team spirit on the stand.

 We represented the HOC (GB) and the classic side extremely well. 

Bill and Charles enjoying the experience

Charles with PC50

A trio of old gits meeting up again

oh...the ravages of time...!!!

Given that it was our first show at Bristol we have learned a few lessons  to make future shows even better !