Honda Day at The Ace

Honda Day at The Ace Sunday 2nd July   -   Celebrating the V twin & V4

Just under 500 bikes attended as the HOC took the opportunity to fly the flag (or sail flags to be more precise). 

We unveiled our stylish new backdrop for the gazebo, where 8 new members were signed up and regalia sales clicked up healthily. 

2022 had been the 'Blackbird' event - this time there was a wider theme of V twin/V4 engines, with over 40 in that category,   


Our new backdrop was unveiled - lets keep it free from hanging regalia!

 We had 20 HOWL members on the day and there were so many Hondas ...

The Ace fills up

Sharing pics of old bikes you've owned is always fun!

So many bikes...

All shapes and sizes ... unmodified...

...and modified !!

RVF400 with its upside down forks

Graham and Cindy looking cool!


Steve Cribbin led a posse of HOWL members from the deep South (Sussex) including Michael K, Brian B, Graham and Cindy. David M and Jane missed the escort but made their own way there.

Good to meet up with Nicole again

Petar's VFR looked very polished

A pleasing day for proprietor Mark Wilsmore, who was, as always very engaging. He has done so well to keep The Ace going through recent tough times of Covid etc.

Bikes ranged from 1974 - 2023, and from big cc/very big cc/but also importantly a number of smaller cc - the next generation of bikers. 

Members from 9 branches attended, many making considerable journeys  - Gloucester, Bristol, Solent, Essex, Kent - 

Glen Pringle came from near Kettering on his 400/4

 Great to meet up again with Michael Bonner from Cambridge, who joined the club in the early '60s.  - He came from Cambridge on his FireBlade

 We appreciate the efforts of those who came a long way. Stuart Hayes was one of several who came from Bristol and Gloucester branch were well represented.

We even had a Shadow 1100 from Plymouth. 

Big thanks to all those who helped man the stand on the day, or welcome new/prospective members. We had 20 HOWL members on the day. Simon Butler and Bill arrived early to help with the set up. Simon attracted considerable interest with his VF750. The TV screen under Tony and Zoe’s command has become an established feature now. 

Peter Casling's fine VFR750 

Simon's VF 750 will soon feature in our Website Hall of Fame - look out for more details!

Dan apart from being photographer did his 'Kitchener' impersonation :-

Your  Club Needs YOU!

There were some fearsome-looking types 

(Mike Scotten )

Reminiscent of Marlon Brando - in The Wild One

Thanks to those who helped man the stand especially Graham Gull who was presented with his own coffee mug to sustain his tireless efforts. 

And to those who helped pack it away - looks like Mary Poppins' travel Bag

 Charles joined us on his way back from the East Midlands rally where he had been camping since Friday. 

 Dan very generously presented Charles (who we made Honorary East Midlands + West London member for the day) with an army (apparently the collective noun for caterpillars) of Colin the Caterpillar cakes.

Next stop on the HOC roadshow is the Classic Show at the Sammy Miller Museum BH25 5SZ on Sunday 23rd July. 

But then you probably know that already – or you must have been living in a cave!