Dan's Review of


Has been a wonderful year for the branch it has seen lots of ride outs , events, socials, get togethers.

The branch has gone from strength to strength with lots of new branch members who along with the usual suspects have throughout the year have enjoyed many planned rides, meets and events along with meeting other branches members like Oxford, Reding, Darlington, Lakes & Coast, Manchester, Devon and Gloucestershire.

From classic shows to biker café to birthday runs and Christmas parties one thing remained throughout which was the great people who are part of our branch and how welcoming they all are.

We are blessed with so many members who are adept in route planning, organizing, leading runs to some great destinations such as: Cease fire café, south downs, Southsea common, Departure lounge café, Turville village, Goodwood, National motorcycle museum and the west Kent rally.

The branch holiday to the Yorkshire dales was well attended by members and guests with some of the most amazing scenery and meals together in a great holiday let just outside of Hawes with a great barbecue laid on by peter from Lakes & Coast branch.

We had a very successful Honda day at the Ace café with just shy of 300 bikes attending, of those 57 were Honda Black Birds which were being highlighted at our event.

5 went to see a Mann about a race heading to the isle of man in some of the worst weather known to bikers but it was only for a few hours then glorious sunshine for the rest of the holiday filled with road racing, beach racing, mountain views.

Social meets from a cuppa at Rykas to Chinese with partners and of course the Christmas meal where we get to share our extended family (HOWL) with our partners.