HOC Classic 2021

HOC Website announcement

14th June 2021

"With regard to the PM’s Covid announcement on 14th June. We are happy to announce that the Classic Show will be going ahead and we have made extra provision for social distancing. The museum is Covid compliant and takes its responsibilities seriously".

Organising an event of the magnitude of the HOC Classic is some undertaking.

Imagine doing all the work not knowing until the last few days whether the whole thing has been a complete waste of time.

Throw in to the mix, the club's long serving Classic secretary has stepped down and the volunteer who replaced him had never undertaken the role before.

But despite her lack of experience there really was only one person for this job.

HOC President Jude Browne.

As a bit of added pressure it was also the club's 60th anniversary and as a special guest one of the club's founding figures Mike Evans had accepted an invitation to attend.

As well as Mike's presence, West London member Tony Surridge audaciously invited Allan Millyard to the event. What a team Sammy Miller and Allan made on the day...but more of that later.

The forecast that day was pretty awful and we hoped that people would still bring out their pride and joy to display in our concourse area. Saffron Walden of Motorcycle News (MCN) and her photographer's attendance added to the gravitas of the occasion. This was to be a celebration of the club's history like no other. Saffron was scurrying around getting those all important interviews. Mike Evans was certainly one top of her list as her angle was definitely about the club and its history as much as the day's show itself.

It was a great relief that Allan Millyard attended and he was a great sport all day. He brought along his famous replica of a Honda RC374  6 cylinder. When he started it up I swear it was the loudest thing I have ever heard. So loud some, including myself had to step back. Sammy Miller was so welcoming to everyone and Allan and Sammy fired up a number of bikes and were soon racing each other round the car park. 

The weather held off until a huge downpour at 2pm. But by that time we'd all had a wonderful day and we were past caring.

A week later we opened up the MCN to discover 4 pages of coverage.

The 2022 HOC Classic went on to be bigger and better in many ways as a result of everything in 2021. But given the complexity of the time - this day was bloody awesome. 

So dont forget folks HOC Classic Show will return to the wonderful, iconic Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum on Sunday  23rd July 2023.