Look who just passed his MOD 2 Riding test!

34 year old Michael Dunlop can finally discard his L plates after completing a Direct Access Course. He may be 2nd only to his uncle Joey in the Isle of Man all times winning list, but but there was no corners he could cut in finally riding legally on the street. Congratulations Michael, you'd be very welcome on one of our HOWL rideouts.

How did Rob 'get the bird' 

at The Departure Lounge?

The call for riders to 'head to The Departure Lounge' Alton on the 18th Feb, was answered by 12 enthusiastic West London members on our 5th run out of the year. Click on the pic to find out


One of the prettiest villages in Kent. It is a beautiful example of a Tudor one-street village. Buildings with half-timbered sides, gables and stone-hung red-tiled roofs. In 1939 The National Trust bought the entire village, including the Castle Inn, houses and post office to ensure its preservation.

Disappointingly our HOWL rideout planned for the 25th Feb to visit Chiddingstone was postponed due to the poor weather forecast. However three of us  were determined to try and beat the weather and decided to still go.

First we visited the Castle grounds. They say the castle is haunted, and sightings of a  previous owner's spirit can be seen with his wife walking their dog. I can report we saw nothing of the sort. 

We also parked in the high street to marvel at the historic church and timber framed Tudor houses.

We'll return on a warmer day.

Chiddingstone Village

Dan, John and Michael at Chiddingstone Castle

The return of the CB400 Four?

50 years ago Honda launched its CB400F super naked. It was to sell well in Europe but was sadly unloved by the Americans. It was therefore just a short production run of 2 years. But its popularity as a reliable, stylish classic has grown and it very much looks like Big H is about to capitalise on that to compete with offerings from Royal Enfield and Triumph. Honda are strongly  rumoured to be launching a water cooled modern/retro version of this legendary classic for 2024, complete with those gorgeous swept exhausts.  Glimpses on social media suggests to me that they'll be on to a winner.

Take a look here

 'May the Forza be with you' is so very appropriate for Gary Clarke

Click here to find out why (with apologies to Obi-Wan Kenobi) the Star Wars famous mantra is quite apt.

Off to Vegas with David Thomas

David has just returned from an incredible experience at the world's largest classic and custom motorcycle auction.  Mecum's auction in Las Vegas. 

2,800 motorcycles and associated "Road Art" went under the hammer. Read Dave's reflections by CLICKING HERE

An Ode to the TF21

I've run out of superlatives to describe this road. The TF21 runs right through the heart of Tenerife. You need nerves of steel to handle the literally hundreds of tight bends as the road climbs and falls approximately 4,000 metres. But the views are just amazing...time off the bike is essential.

The TF21 has been added to the list of My Fav Rides

Click here to experience it for yourself  Well virtually.