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My Favourite Rides

 Ian Leaver from Filey in North Yorkshire has started this new feature with a cracking ride. 

The number of routes will grow quickly and then I will categorise. 

In the last 2 months we have had visitors to the site from 23 countries.

If you are reading this from outside the United Kingdom we would very much like to hear from you. Please email us on with some information about yourself and your motorcycle. Please attach some pictures too.

Sunday 7th May

We attended the Goodwood Breakfast Club SuperCar Day. I am still shocked at the huge number of these superb cars on show.

This is a free event and as motorcyclists we had VIP parking just yards from the motor circuit. Click to read more 

Fri- Mon 21st -24th April 

Catch up with our trip to Ypres

 You don't have to be interested in military history to find a visit to the area quite compelling. All that at just over an hour's ride. Share your comments on this or any previous visits on our HOWL facebook page

report by John Flynn

Saturday 29th April. On what was a perfect day for a ride, Graham Buckton and myself  met up at Ryka's with 10 members of the  GLR group

"Dubliner" Vi Schooz led the ride and I acted as the tail ender.

Greater London Riders (formerly Hanwell and Ealing) are a great bunch of diverse motorcyclists that have been brought together by the power of social media.  Amazingly Vi only passed her mod 2 earlier this year, but she rode like a pro on her beautiful green Kawasaki Ninja.

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Good Friday's and it was two runs in one day. Reports by Jon Stone

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Steve and I (John)  spent the afternoon at RYKA'S last Sunday (16th April). 

This was the 2nd weekend of the new management team.......was there any changes?

I'm delighted to say none that I could see.   The place was heaving and long queues were forming for a cup of tea

Conversations were had about the typeface for the Ryka's brand image. So I've explained it in a short 20sec video (no sound - do not adjust your set)


We are closely following the progress of solo dirt bike adventurer Choe Jones, as she rides between her home in Anglesey to Tajikistan, via the Pamir Highway. But her route first takes her down through Spain and Portugal.  

Chloe has safely made it to Croatia where she is planning the next part of her journey east. 


Chloe enjoying life on the ACT

It's back to The Magpie for a social pint Thursday 8th June from 7.45pm


2021 and HOC 60th celebrations included an inter branch gathering. On this occasion the bikes had to share star billing with an umbrella.